Sunday, November 23, 2008


Dear You,

I am writing this letter about you because I do not know how to say this without looking like a fool. I admit that I do have too much pride to tell you how much I am into you. Shit, I would say that I have been addicted you, since I first felt your aura. The first day I saw you I did not know what to say to you. My sly jokes and quick quips were distracted to keep you from seeing me stare. I completely understand why men flock to you...your natural beauty, stunning elegance, and idealistic individuality makes the reflection of Queens. I will admit ahead of time, that I fear telling you that I need you. I fantasize about the last moment I kissed you. The warmth of your lips transferred life into me. Therefore, as I put my heart out to the world without even letting you know it is all in your hands. Wondering if you know that you play my keys of life.

Your Love,

I WANT YOU - Not sure

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