Wednesday, October 15, 2008

In Case of an Emergency

Keith Oberman| MSNBC News

As I'm watching the news I see that we will eventually be in another civil war in the United States. There are people, such as the McCain-Palin supporters who are willing to kill and destroy anything to maintain that white dominance in America. It is important that you are prepared in case of a state of emergency. Since this has been a year of first, please don't mistaken that everything will be great when Obama takes office. America is a falling empire, and history has shown that the most destructive part of westernized culture are the people. Here are some items I have purchased for my family that you should have on hand in case of emergency.
  • Buy an Emergency Kit - We went out and purchased this one . It has everything that the American Red Cross suggests for two people to live for three days. If you want to really safe, you might want to consider this deluxe version.
  • Buy an Emergency Radio - We haven’t pulled the trigger on purchasing a radio yet, but we will soon. I have my eye on this radio. I love that it can be powered simply by cranking a handle. As far as features go, it is weather resistant, can charge a variety of cell phones, has a powerful flashlight, an AM/FM/NOAA/VHF radio, and an emergency siren. If you are on a budget, you might want to consider this radio instead.
  • Buy a Multi-tool - This can be either a Swiss Army knife or a Leatherman-type tool. For less than $10, plus shipping, I like this cheap version” of a Leatherman tool. Like anything else, there’s a deluxe version. This one is currently around $65 and seems extremely well-made with many features.
  • Buy Extra Miscellaneous Items - My kit didn’t include a way to start a fire; waterproof matches or a lighter should work. I will also look to add the following: paper and pencils, resealable sandwich bags, duct tape, super glue, a sewing kit, and a small compass.
  • Prepare Important Documents and Irreplaceable Items - If you have to evacuate your home in a hurry you’ll want to gather a birth certificates, social security cards, house and car deeds, and passports. I would look to have a portable hard drive with any documents that you need.
  • Upload Important Data to the Internet - We will not grab our wedding album - or any pictures in our home for that matter. By having all our pictures uploaded to the Internet, we can retrieve them when the emergency is over. It can’t hurt to scan copies of all the documents mentioned above and upload them as well.
  • Have Emergency Cash Available - If there’s a true natural disaster, you might find that your credit card and check book aren’t accepted. A couple of hundred dollars could go a very long way.
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