Monday, October 13, 2008

Mental Stimulation

After realizing that I will be homeless for 5 days I look at the fact that one of my friends was homeless for 32 days. The experience of being homeless is an eye opener because you are solely depended on your faith in God. You look at all the previous experiences that brought you to that moment. Should you quit on the fact that you are at the wall? I feel like a kid again, playing a game of "suicide" with my dudes. Now I'm standing at the wall again with my eyes close hoping that no one hits me before I get another chance. Today was a beautiful day! I purchased a new book that I know will change my life forever. Now I have accepted the fact that I will be great. I know that my present condition will be no reflection of the accomplishments. I was at the lowest point most people could experience and I decided to "ball out" on my dreams. Give life a chance to see that I am destiny to change everything I come in contact with on this planet. I am truly blessed to have the opportunity to truly live out GOD's will.

Patience and Discipline transforms good to GREATNESS!
(Silence to Meditate on Greatness)

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