Monday, October 6, 2008

Know thy enemies

Puppet Bush and Master Cheney

I have realized that much of the problems that I see in the United States are a product of people's ignorance. So I have decided to introduce the world to the United States' Vice President Richard Bruce Cheney.

  1. He attended Yale University and "flunked out"of college. However, before he left he became a member of Skull and Bones Secret Society. (Members who include George Bush Sr/Jr, William Clinton, and numerous political officials.)
  2. He was twice convicted of a DUI.
  3. He dodged the Vietnam War five times successfully.
  4. He voted against Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr's birthday becoming a national holiday.
  5. He voted against the creation of the US Department of Education.
  6. He voted against economic sanctions on apartheid South Africa.
  7. He voted against the release of Nelson Mandela from prison.
  8. He fought for the invasion of Panama and Operation Desert Storm.
  9. He introduced and fought for legislation to downsize the US military, while he advocated for war.
  10. Dick was the CEO of Halliburton Company where he made between $30 and $100 million. Dick still brings in $8 million yearly from Halliburton (which received a $7 billion no bid contract for the Iraqi War).
Here is a little information about one of the causes of the falling American empire. Please take the time and start reading about these people, because knowledge is power!
...more coming soon!

Crazy Baldhead - Bob Marley