Monday, September 1, 2008

Focus of the Week: DREAM BIG

Burj Dubai (Tallest Building in the World)

How could you obtain everything you want if you don't think about it? Everything great was sparked with a thought, and it is time to daydream of all the things that I want...time to start seeing the physical reflections of my thoughts. Maybe take a stroll down billionaire's row, drive that new Porsche, or browse the Robb Report. No matter what...I know I create my reality, so I will dream of all that I can imagine and hopefully more.

We can create everything that we can imagine...Dream BIG!

Risin to the Top - Keni Burke


Malika Mays said...

Is that building REALLY that tall? That is amazing! Dream Big! first thought for my affirmation for this week was, "This week I will envision my day." This goes right along with your theme. Unfortunately, I did not use it. I changed it at the last minute...still working on listening! Thanks for the reminder.

God's Pupil said...

we are all interconnected, so that energy is running thru all of us. I see the strength and beauty evolving from each of us. Listen to the voice and everything will be ok