Friday, August 8, 2008


Will Springfield

Love to share these good times with someone, but God hasn't allowed that yet.
Learning patience...definitely a virtue.

John Legend - Lets Get Lifted Again - John Legend


Anonymous said...

I like this pic! Eva is one sexy gal. We both know everything is in perfect timing and everything happens in perfect and divine order. Even if things have to be undone in order for things to get done! I love it. I can't say enough times how proud of you I am and the progress you've made over such a short period of time. I TOLD YOU! Blogging is therapy and I'm excited you've taken the step. Have a great weekend sir. I have nothing but good feelings about your new road. Still got an eye on you and you are well on your way. Respect.

God's Pupil said...

Nowhere but up from here!!!