Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Coldheart Criminal


She missed a moment with me when I opened up myself

Too busy focusing her attention on herself and her wealth

Wondering why I don't want to return to the inferno with hoes

I don't care about the clothes, toes, and the things you know

Honestly, most pose as friends when they were honestly foes

I am the truth with undivided attention on success

While boys are impressed with her face and breast

I have to admit, I find both of them to be useless

You can see my life story tatted in my flesh

She telling me I'm useless cause I dream to be righteous

Why date her...I rather leave her in control of nothing

You can think about it...come back and see if I'm bluffin

The fact that I thought you were more than shit

It's only after being with you, I can admit this!

Dickhead - Kate Nash

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Anonymous said...

I know exactly how u feel.