Thursday, July 24, 2008

Solid Ground

Laretta Houston

One of the few people in this world I can deal with right now has been going through a detox for the last 30 days. In her search for being better she over came some of the largest obstacles of her life right now. I sit here on the unofficial first day of my own detox and I can't help but look at the obstacles that stand here in front of me. The list of things I need to do seems to be constantly growing and if I don't start knocking down some of these wall, soon I will be enclosed in them. On top of my list is the pursuit to find out what I love to do in this world. I've taught, mentored, instructed, coached, praised, and raised numerous youth from around this country and every year there is still a void left in my life. I have seen some of my first students grow and develop into individuals who will lead their communities. Many of them seem to give praise to me, as if I really did something other than be brutally honest with them about the world in which they live in. However, even after years of doing that I still feel the need to grow upward.


Black Girl said...

Laretta is the one that the did the portrait of me and my girls I have framed in my Foyer. The model here is none other than yours truly Nikia aka Nikster lol.

Black Girl said...

Those that have a responsibility and role to play in changing the world will always feel the inner burn to move, change, evolve and be. You are one of those 'Heros' and as a dear wise friend once told me, "You have it. As soon as you find and fill that void you will take off." To know what you need is to understand what you are missing. Find it.

3pieceonline said...

You are changing the world by bearing your soul. Many thanks for having found you and Black Girl.