Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Pain is Premature Enlightenment

La Lena

If they push me against the wall
I will fight til I fall or your jaw
taken out of my hand by the law
I wake up every morning feeling flawed
To the top I will claw or brawl
Even during the worst times I don't stall
I am nothing more than a man
Too spiritual to run with the pagans
Too proud to stand here beggin with my hand
Out waiting for the donation of a nation
That once had me on a plantation
Building the same nation that don't give a damn
If they incarcerated another black man
Smelling like a bed pan, isn't that the plan
It doesn't matter if your skin has a tan
It's about income and influence in the end
I tend not to blend in with society
Watching... so that they don't body me
I never copped a plea for it to be easy
I just believe that when I leave
You should remember me
I rather have nothing striving for something
Then be here acting like I'm something with nothing!

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