Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Lost is Found

Today I woke up with such negative energy holding onto my spirit. I sat in front of the computer to start my search in looking for a "hustle" while I am creating an empire. When I couldn't find anything to do I sat in front of my vision board and asked for guidance. The voice inside told me to get up and go out. So when most days I would jump in the car and go out, today I got on my scooter and road the city. Embracing the smiles and spirits of the people that watched me as I ride. From the old lady who said "hello" and gave me a smile that could light the sun to the man who told me "you are too damn cool on that scooter." Each one of them sharing positive energy with me as I travel. In that cruise through the city I realized that I am blessed. I am blessed for each person who sacrifices their time and energy to make things in this world better. Once I arrived at "the shop" I was greeted by my family. We walked and talked about the struggles and strifes of being a positive male in a world that seems to be tearing at the seams. As soon as we finished talking about being blessed, this older Black couple asked if we were looking for some part time work registering people to vote. After giving them my information, I thanked the couple and kept on my journey. In just 2 hrs of walking this planet, my energy went from distraught to enlightened. I know that during these times most people are struggling with the present state of the economy and their situation. The MOST HIGH sent me some great people and I am thankful for each one of them.
"The greatest struggles we deal with are on the inside!"

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Black Girl said...

I'm glad you 'listened'. Stay up brother!