Friday, July 25, 2008

Alone again

Photographer: April Sims

My ego wouldn't leave me alone. I choose not to listen to his hunger to prove something. Can you get her? Can you make them do it? Every night ego seems to keep calling me to prove my loyalty and passion.The ego is nothing more than a defense mechanism to keep you from getting hurt. See if I meet you when I'm (him), then I take advantage of any hint you offer. If you bite your lip, if you stare too long, if you exhale too hard...I watch every word your body says. He leaves me the opportunity to talk about those thick lips cause that's what I see right now. I comment on the beauty of those shoes cause I want them to dig into my back as you scream. That side of my being is an ego driven monster. The pursuit to create and obtain every fantasy you can imagine. If you want to loose every part of your being in a forest during a rain storm. Let's set the date and I'll bring the thunder and lighting. It seems that every time I unleash him, another young soul is lost in the battle. I know there is nothing to prove by doing this, yet still I do it.


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You talk as though every woman you touch was left broken and torn. But how do you react to those who are able to say no and walk away from you? How do you view those women?